Photography that emphasises your company's ethos is crucial in creating a lasting impression on your website. We at Hood Idea focus on this to produce inspiration that drives your audience to action.
  • Branding through imagery
  • What kind of Image do you want your brand to portray?
  • Pieces of the Brand Puzzle
  • When you first start a new business you will spend a lot of time working on branding and promoting your company. But, what kind of image do you want your business to have?
  • Staying Cohesive
  • It's important to have a cohesive look for your brand, as you work hard to make sure your customers and clients always have a good impression of your company and your products.
  • Representation
  • Your brand is one of your biggest assets when you’re starting out, so you want to make sure that it’s always represented in the best possible way.
  • Quality Imagery
  • To make sure that your business is always presented according to your company's vision, you need to think about things like the image quality, what it's communicating, and if the overall impression coincides with your branding.
  • Appeal
  • The imagery of your product and website almost always determines the first impression of your brand’s image.
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