Inspire loyalty with product photography

Your media represents your business


People put their blood, sweat and tears into the companies they build. Providing a service or product that will be beneficial to those seeking it.

There are various ways to reach those consumers and all of them begin with creating a positive first impression. Just as it’s important to make a good first impression on an interview or a first date; the image of your company, your brand, is equally important to have a good visual connection with the consumer.

The images of your product can establish the traits you want them to represent.




Consumers speed through the millions of products on ads or online and you only have a split second to grab their attention. Want to show that there’s a company that cares about their products behind the ad they are looking at?

Have amazing images.

Kiwi Food Photography by Hood Idea in Portland Oregon

Hood Idea Brooklyn Gin

Hood Idea Hot Cocoa and marshmallows

Hood Idea creates photographic art of your products according to your needs. With flexible licensing options and amazing talent available, we can work with large agencies to achieve their vision or scale down to make even the smallest project for small businesses affordable.

Want to talk about your vision and possibilities without any sales pressure?  Email us here and let us know the best time to get back to you. Our email is typically checked twice a day. Check the Urgent box if you would like someone to call you back ASAP.


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