In awe of light & shadow + Founder

A glimpse of the why. Founder of Hood Idea

I’m entranced with the beauty and workmanship of well crafted art.

I find myself in a state of intense appreciation when I see art done with great skill and care. From well crafted goods to amazing drawings, paintings, and striking images, I can really lose myself in them and it’s that kind of amazing appeal that I hope to have in my craft. I like seeing the beauty in everything. I love the craft of business as well, especially talking about entrepreneurship and brainstorming ideas, inventions and the like.  There’s an art to everything if you care to see it. I’m working on that kind of perspective, wondering if there’s a more interesting path through life if I apply that kind of thought pattern.

Hood Idea Founder in Black & White


Married to a woman that brings joy to the depths of my being, her laughter instills a peace and weightlessness to my heart that I can only imagine is such a wonderful gift from God. Kimi is a photographer who does amazing emotionally touching photography at kimiphotography.com


I’m always up for creative talks, networking and building relationships, want to connect?  Get in touch!

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