Dos Armadillos Tequila Beverage Product Photography Portland
Hood Idea beverage photograph of Ocean vodka bottle
Hood Idea Kiwi
Hood Idea Brooklyn Gin
Hood Idea Hot Cocoa
Hood Idea Head Shot Portland Mens black & white
Denshin Rin Sake Photographer Hood Idea
Denshin Rin Sake Photographer Hood Idea
Infocus Headset Portland Product Photographer Hood Idea 01
Bringing your marketing plan together with product photography

Why do you need a professional photographer for your business?

Why Hood Idea?

Product photography at Hood Idea

Professional product photographers at Hood Idea understand how to work with light, angles, and space to make your product send the message you want. We believe good product photography is necessary to bring a cohesive understanding to your audience. Great pictures can generate awareness, lead clients to your marketing message and complete your brand’s vision.


Having a “BRAND” is one of the important things to get the right clients for your business. Does your image fit to your brand?


Catalog Images

Clear and lifelike Catalog images, digital or in print, function to draw the consumer in. To be informative and accessible, all the while giving an underlying level of trust and further awareness of your brand. Quality images in your catalog can strengthen your brand image, drive sales, and increase loyalty.


Advertising Photography

Photography creates a cohesive understanding for your marketing message. We will create a recognizable connection to your brand by providing advertising photography that speaks your message instantly.

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Are you expressing yourself in the best light?

Get Your Headshot at Hood Idea

How do you want to be seen by your clients? What kind of impression do you want to give to your clients? Hood Idea provides headshots to make you (your personal brand) shine. Giving a great impression of yourself to your audience can create recognizable professionalism in your trade.

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